Get Checked for Breast Cancer

Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) mails out letters to women that are due.  We are given a list of overdue patients from CCO and we will attempt to email you a reminder if overdue as well.

You can self-book your own a mammogram appointment if due. Ontario Breast Cancer Screening Program (OBSP) starts at age 50 until 74 yrs for the average risk women.

Please contact directly your preferred screening site to book a mammogram (No order requisition needed).

Burlington Sites Address & Contact
Joesph Brant Memorial Hospital 1230 North Shore Boulevard
(905) 681-4915
Wentworth Xray & Ultrasound (2 sites) 760 Brant Street, Suite 2 - 3
(905) 637-7606
2951 Walker's Line
(905) 336-2202

All other locations look online here

Need more help booking? Call central OBSP line 1-800-668-9304


Average Risk Criteria

Women ages 50 to 74 are eligible for screening through the Ontario Breast Screening Program if they:

High Risk Breast Cancer Screening Program

If you are between the age 30 to 69 and wonder if you are at high risk, please refer to the information to determine this at Cancer Care Ontario website  High Risk Ontario Breast Screening Program.

You can request a mammogram screening test or appointment to discuss it further if you with Dr. Holmes, or Dr. Yamamoto, please call the office.


Please enter which specific cancer screening tests or questions you are looking for mammogram in the message.

 Our office will review requests for eligibility & contact you further about the request.

Check out Cancer Care Ontario's website for more information.