Get Checked for Cancer!

Cancer Screening is Important!

Do not delay or put off cancer screening, it is something that you can safely complete right now.

You may get a email from your family doctor alerting that you are overdue or from Cancer Care Ontario.

It is important to do this as part of your regular health maintance.

Here are the current Cancer Care Ontario Guidelines:

Type of Cancer Screening: Cervical Cancer Screening Colon Cancer Screening Breast Cancer Screening
When do I start? Starts at age 21
Age 50 (sooner if family history)
Age 50 (sooner if family history)
How often? Pap every 3 years FIT test is every 2 years
Colonoscopy every 5 or 10 years
*varies depends on risk
Mammogram is every 2 years
When do I stop? Screening stops at age 70 (if you have had 3 normal tests in previous 10 years). Around age 75 Around age 75

You can assess your cancer risks. My CancerIQ is Ontario base risk calculator check out here.

Questions about cancer screening or want to request a test?


Click above on the appropriate cancer screening links on this website for more information and for ordering.